About Us

Who We Are

Rotadyn Solutions Inc. is a specialized industrial enterprise capable of providing one-stop services and a total solution for monitoring and diagnosing machinery problems of plant asset condition.

Incorporated in September 2017 and embodied a "Partnership Approach" to our Customer to realize the benefits of solutions that we provide. We are capable of providing a wide variety of facilities in process plants with comprehensive and highly skilled operation to all forms of machinery. Machinery condition can be accurately and efficiently evaluated using different condition monitoring systems, instruments, and techniques, so unplanned maintenance or forced outages can be prevented to prevent loss of output while increasing reliability and availability.

Our Vision

To be a trusted global leader in providing plant maintenance and industrial solutions.

Our Mission

To provide constant assurance to customers and stakeholders by offering cost-effective, innovative and dependable solutions

To drive customer’s profit from increased plant reliability and availability

To engage our customers, suppliers and other partners in an open, responsible and

trustworthy manner, to build sustainable long-term relationships

To empower and motivate our personnel to do the right things and to embrace commitment for excellence.