Turbine Vibration Diagnostic

During operation, turbomachinery rotors flex and vibrate, but the bearings and supports are designed to keep the static and dynamic forces in check.

High deflection and unsteady operation caused by vibration can result in collisions between stationary and rotating parts, which can lead to cascading effects. Identifying the fundamental cause of a malfunction or failure in a big utility-scale turbine rotor is critical.

Rotadyn Solutions Inc. can help you to capture and analyze the following from your journal bearing machineries:

  1. Orbit

  2. Orbit plus Timebase Plot

  3. Timebase Plot

  4. Trend

  5. X-Y

  6. Polar and Bode Plot

  7. Shaft Centerline

  8. Cascade

  9. Waterfall

  10. Spectrum

  11. Full Spectrum and Tables.

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